about our products

we aim to make stuff you can't buy anywhere else. if that's good or not we aren't sure. we promise it'll be high quality though. 

about sticker hat

sticker hat is a hat that you can put new patches on. that way you can save space but still have a large hat design collection. some of our other clothes also have patch spaces, so keep an eye out. we also sell other modules like cupholders and computers. you can subscribe to get new patches every month too.

about item label

item label is like a record label for items. between our warm nutritional broth meals and bathroom breaks we attempt to create interesting objects for normal people to purchase. please buy our things. 

designed by Loring and Mushbuh

want to work with us?

do you have a business, band, group, whatever that wants to work together on merch? does your family own a cardboard box factory and wants to design a cool sweatshirt with us? Send us an email.